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Encouraging walking and cycling is actually the solution to all traffic-related problems. These are reliable forms of transport; they have little impact on public space, are more environmentally friendly and safer than cars, and walking and cycling are healthy. Good enough reasons for DTV Consultants to specifically focus on these two, non-motorised forms of transport.

Walking and cycling are important traffic elements in the Netherlands, where 45% of all journeys are made by bicycle or on foot. Expressed in terms of time, we spend 30% of our journey time either cycling or walking. Traffic and transport policy often tends to forget the pedestrian, although we are all pedestrians at some point every day: when we get out of the car or when we go to the bus stop, for example.
DTV Consultants therefore devotes a great deal of attention to both cycling and walking. In our projects, we focus on making these forms of transport safer and more attractive. For both target groups – pedestrians and cyclists - we have implemented projects in the field of research, policy, infrastructure and influencing behaviour.

To discover what policy should be implemented and what measures could be taken to make cycling and walking more attractive, it is important to gain insight into the wishes of the (potential) cyclist or pedestrian. What are the main bicycle and pedestrian relationships? What do cyclists think about the current facilities? What do pedestrians need? Is it safe on the road? Before the facilities are changed, all these questions have to be answered. DTV Consultants has performed extensive research in this field at national, regional and local level. We have studied the crossability of provincial roads for cyclists and pedestrians and traffic lights adjustment. How can they be adjusted and fine-tuned to ensure faster green lights for cyclists? And how can we solve the problems experienced by (slow) pedestrians crossing at traffic lights? We have also compared the advantages and disadvantages of a bicycle street with those of a cycle path and the safety of cyclists on parallel roads.

Our research focuses primarily on the safety aspect; cyclists and pedestrians are vulnerable traffic participants. Our clients therefore want to know how to maximise the safety of these traffic participants.

Many municipalities and provinces are keen to implement a bicycle and pedestrian friendly policy. DTV Consultants can help road managers develop a policy plan. Besides the contents of the policy, the implementation process is also important. We bring all the parties together – the road manager, users, lobbyists – to arrive ultimately at a bicycle and pedestrian friendly policy with overall support.

Walking and cycling can be stimulated by implementing the right policy focusing on attractiveness, directness, safety, cohesion and comfort. Huge gains can be achieved if the policy takes into account the entire chain from door-to-door. Where can bicycles be safely parked at the start and end of the journey and how can the most direct route also be transformed into the most attractive?

By allocating a substantial part of the traffic budget to cycling and walking, a start can be made with solving some of the problems. But it is not always easy to defend the reservation of financial resources. DTV Consultants can help the municipality take this step. Our innovative solutions ensure that cycling and walking are good alternatives for motorists, so that they are more inclined to leave the car at home, thus helping to mitigate environmental and mobility problems.

Our starting point is always safe and comfortable facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. When designing a plan, we ensure that the cyclist and pedestrian are not the last participants to be considered as a closing post. We make sure that the great importance of this form of transport is also reflected on the street.

Influencing behaviour
Governments can stimulate motorists to cycle or walk more by appealing to their emotions. Proof that this works can be found in the “Verkeersslang” (Traffic snake), a successful project implemented by DTV Consultants. In this project, schoolchildren were encouraged to walk or cycle to and from school. And through the children, parents are also stimulated to leave the car at home. And they do. And on top of that, research shows that the effect islong lasting.

Advantage from contacts
We have acquired a great deal of expertise through our European contacts and are familiar with many large and small scale innovative projects. We thus learn from other countries and they learn from us. This broad experience enables us to implement successful projects for cyclists and pedestrians. Not a bad thing, because everyone wants a reliable, healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and, last but not least, a pleasant way to get from A to B!

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