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DTV Consultants is an independent organisation operating in the field of traffic and transport based in Breda, the Netherlands. Knowledge transfer is the keyword at DTV Consultants. We have created a unique balance in consultancy and research on the one hand, and training and education on the other. DTV Consultants is constantly looking for ways to share and disseminate its knowledge. For that purpose, we organise training courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, educational trips, and product presentations. Furthermore, DTV Consultants is the driving force behind the Dutch NOVI Traffic and Transport Academy, in which transport professionals are prepared for operating at bachelor's level and in the future even at master's level.

DTV Consultants is used to co-operation and not afraid of not having all knowledge itself. Our success is based on the expertise of our employees and on our extensive network of relations, who are all willing to participate in our activities regarding knowledge transfer. Another aspect that makes DTV Consultants stand out from other consultancy agencies is its business style, which is an independent, open, solution-orientated and very enthusiastic one. This enables us to combine talents and experiences and to apply them in new initiatives. DTV Consultants brings in great experience in co-ordinating large projects and the organisation of at least 50 courses in the field of traffic and transport at national level. 

Our vision
Organisations are constantly developing. The extent of this will depend on the development of their employees. To support this development, we have been offering a range of schooling, training courses and in-company programmes since 1987. We make use of the latest educational methods and applications to design and implement these learning activities.

We see learning as a means to achieve better results at work. It is all about people obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil their tasks better. The aim is for people who “can and will” do something better and something different than they “could and did” before. The workplace is the starting point: this is where the questions and situations develop that truly create the need to learn. The knowledge and skills obtained will only contribute to improved functioning if they are also actively implemented at the workplace. This means that subjects such as usefulness, transfer, integration in the workplace and results are paramount. One of the aspects of providing tailor-made services is adaptation to the practical situation, demands and stumbling blocks of the participants. In the case of a custom-made training we therefore also involve the executive staff and the participants beforehand. This contributes to the creation of programmes that enjoy support; courses that lead to the desired results. For the development of our activities we co-operate closely with educational and government institutes and the industry, both local and abroad.

NOVI Traffic and Transport Academy
The NOVI Traffic and Transport Academy is a textbook example of our collaboration with educational and governmental institutes and the industry. This bachelor-programme was developed in co-operation with partners from the traffic sector. The NOVI Traffic and Transport Academy offers a number of practice-orientated dual courses in the field of traffic and transport, which offer employees the possibility for further development. The training courses vary from upper secondary vocational education (MBO) to university level and are acknowledged by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. In addition to these training courses, we also organise master classes on a host of themes. 

Police Academy training courses
The Dutch Police Academy provides the police with education and knowledge. DTV Consultants contributes to the Police Academy in the development and implementation of various training programmes in the field of traffic counselling. Key aspects of these training courses are traffic and legal aspects and enforcement aspects. In addition to important competencies such as communication, presentation and reflection, all relevant traffic and technical aspects of traffic regulation themes are discussed. During the lessons, maximum use is made of participants' own examples, and experiences and further issues of the participants themselves, which helps merging learning and working. The various learning units are preceded by assignments and followed by the implementation of the newly acquired insights and skills in practice. 

Directorate for Public Works
The role of the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management in The Netherlands is shifting from technical administrator to public-orientated network manager. The focus is shifting from maintenance to traffic facilitation. In this regard, the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management requested DTV Consultants to provide a “Traffic Engineering Course” for the coordinators, inspectors and senior inspectors. The aim of the course is to obtain knowledge and skills in the field of traffic engineering, which will enable them to improve their work performance with a view to future developments. The majority of the course is based on the practical experiences of the participants: their questions, obstacles and developments from their own work situation take centre stage. During the discussion of important topics such as traffic management, traffic safety and traffic investigation, a great deal of attention is focussed on a structured approach to problems. The combination of substantive knowledge and practice-based assignments makes the course practical, informative and captivating. 

DTV Consultants’ aim is to transfer knowledge, both at national and at international level. Following the need of sharing best practices, DTV Consultants organises excursions, study tours and educational trips as contemporary methods of education. During organised trips home and abroad, participants can rapidly gain knowledge about relevant pilots and projects such as the Delta works, traffic control centres, Dutch tunnel construction and our Traffic Safety Approach. Our involvement in pilot projects and the co-operation with similar consultancy firms, knowledge centres and industry, comes in very useful in the organisation of these excursions. We offer a wide variety of excursions, ranging from one-day project visits to visits that take several days, complete with travel and accommodation arrangements. 

International activities
A comprehensive training programme entitled “Traffic and the Environment” is currently being developed in collaboration with partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Great Britain within the framework of the European e-ATOMIUM project. The objective of e-ATOMIUM is to provide local governments and energy agencies in Europe with knowledge and expertise about sustainable energy use in the field of traffic and transport. As Dutch partner, DTV Consultants is responsible for the traffic expertise and the educational guidance. The courses are intended for municipal officials from the traffic, spatial planning and environmental departments. These officials are currently being seriously confronted with the problems and consequences in the field of air quality. They need to co-operate in realising their objectives. Practical courses can help encourage and support this co-operation.

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