The importance of a people-orientated infrastructure

DTV Consultants contributes to improving road safety. We do this by conducting research on behalf of the government, provinces and municipalities by issuing recommendations. Another way is through knowledge transfer. We develop training programmes on road traffic safety, focusing on both the road and the road user.

The road
An infrastructure based on sustainable safety is an important condition for improving traffic safety. In its designs, DTV Consultants therefore matches the infrastructure with human capabilities and limitations. First, we do everything we can to avoid traffic conflicts. And if they do occur, then the damage should be minimised. Our approach can be divided into three steps. Accident analyses and basic research are followed by integral visions, road categorisation plans and concrete design proposals. We conduct research into accident black spots, agricultural traffic on distributor roads and the crossability of provincial roads. The proposed measures fit into a road network based on Sustainable Safety, they are effective and applied in the right place.

In addition, our traffic safety auditors regularly apply their knowledge to evaluate traffic management designs. How can a design be modified to make it (even) safer, for cyclists in the dark, for example? In this context, we have performed traffic safety audits for the municipalities of Oud-Beijerland, The Hague, Berkel and Rodenrijs and Nieuwegein. Based on these audits, we then make recommendations to road managers in an objective, structured way.

The road user
In traffic safety, it is important that people are addressed directly about their behaviour and about the possibility of changing this behaviour. This can be achieved through education, communication and enforcement, also known as ‘people-orientated measures'. We want traffic participants of all ages to be properly educated and informed. Our projects therefore reflect the concept of Permanent Traffic Education. “The Verkeersslang” (Traffic Snake) focuses on the behaviour of primary schoolchildren and their parents, successfully encouraging them to use safe modes of transport to get to school: on foot or by bicycle. By participating in the European collaborative project STEER CONNECT, we are trying to influence the behaviour of secondary schoolchildren. Accident analyses have shown that parents, too, are an increasingly important target group in traffic safety, requiring a great deal of attention.

To achieve behavioural change, communication and enforcement play an important role. We feel it is vital to inform road users timely about traffic regulations, new (safe) situations and new developments in the field of safety, such as essential recognisability features of roads. We also develop campaign material to support behavioural change, for the Verkeersslang, for example.

Knowledge broker
At DTV Consultants, everyone is aware of the importance of a people-orientated infrastructure to improve traffic safety. All teams therefore make their own contribution. Expertise in the field of traffic lights, public space, parking and public transport are combined with knowledge relating to traffic safety.

DTV Consultants also develops training programmes on traffic safety. One such programme targets municipal traffic safety coordinators and was implemented in the provinces of Overijssel, Utrecht and Zuid-Holland. This programme improves the knowledge and communication skills of traffic safety coordinators, enabling them to improve their performance.

As a follow-up, knowledge days were organised for municipal traffic safety coordinators. DTV Consultants supplied knowledge in the field of road safety as well as process management expertise.
Our process managers are also regularly involved in big projects. This combination of expertise gives us a unique position in the traffic world. We consider ourselves to be a knowledge broker. A broker with only one goal: safety for everyone.

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