Realisation and Maintenance team

"The people who put it into practice," – that’s how Gert Sanders, the team leader of Realisation & Maintenance (R&M), describes his team. The pillars of his team’s operations are traffic signals and simulations. DTV Consultants is one of the leading firms in the Netherlands in the field of traffic signals. The R&M team designs traffic lights, provides the traffic control software, compiles the specifications and looks after the maintenance and management of traffic control systems. But there’s more – lots more. “We deal with traffic lights and everything related to traffic lights,” explains Gert. R&M also handles projects in the field of air quality, road safety and roundabouts. “We don’t just look inwards, we have a broad scope,” says Gert. Where there is a problem with a traffic light at an intersection, for example, R&M doesn’t just look at the traffic light. The team also takes the design of the intersection into consideration and investigates whether a roundabout might be an option, for example. “We do much more than just answer the question.” In order to obtain more insight into traffic circulation at roundabouts, traffic signals or on specific routes, R&M makes extensive use of simulation models. Indeed, the team’s work involves a great deal more than just traffic lights.

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