The European Commission has developed the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) to stimulate the use of new energy sources and the development of new energy saving methods. A part of this programme is STEER, which focuses on projects related to traffic and mobility.
DTV Consultants has been active in two of the STEER projects, one is CONNECT, the other is e-Atomium. The aim of e-Atomium is to increase the knowledge and competencies of energy agencies, energy efficiency advice centres and local authority energy professionals in the important field of sustainable energy use in transport through tailor-made trainings and educational programmes.

Extend competencies
To reach this objective e-Atomium developed and provided tailor-made training and educational programmes for the specific target groups in a way to extend their competencies, knowledge and network in the field of transport and mobility. They will be stimulated to include sustainable energy use in transport as part of their core activity and exchange their experience and transfer their know-how in the field of sustainable energy use in transport via good practices & business cases, participation in workshops, site visits, etc. In the long run, the project wishes also to address the supporting role and stimulate the active participation at local, regional and European level from the energy agencies / advice centres and local authority energy professionals.

e-Atomium project phases
- Preparation phase: information collection
- First phase: analyse existing knowledge, experiences, knowledge gaps, needs and aspirations of the target groups. Examine competencies and skills necessary to work in the field of sustainable energy use in transport. Key actors such as energy agencies were intensively involved in this phase.
- Second phase: set up of necessary didactic strategies, training & educational material was developed in co-operation with the target groups
- Third phase: implementation of the developed training programmes in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Individual business cases were developed in close co-operation with the trainees. An evaluation of the developed course material & training programmes and their transferability concluded this phase of the project.

The achievements of e-Atomium can be summarized as follows:
- development of a transferable training course for all EU countries,
- increased interest and enthusiasm of energy agencies, energy efficiency advice centres and local
authority energy professionals to work on sustainable energy use in transport at local level,
- contribution to the creation of new competencies of the working staff from energy agencies or local
bodies who received the e-Atomium training,
- setting up of new structures for co-ordination and information exchange,
- increased active participation on energy use in transport in the long run.

Client: Europese Commissie (Intelligent Energy Europe Programme)
Contract dates: 2004-2007 

Website: www.e-atomium.org