Trendy Travel

The European project Trendy Travel, in which DTV Consultants supported NS (Dutch Railways) for four years, has ended in 2011. The main objective of the 13 partners of this project was to accomplish a modal shift from the car to more sustainable means of transportation, by appealing to and satisfying people’s emotional needs. People need to feel good when they travel in an environmentally friendly way.
NS gathered e.g. positive emotions about travelling by train, by organizing a successful story competition; over 160 people entered this contest. NS also published a comprehensive report on the best way to ‘furnish’ a train station, to make people feel good about travelling by train. The results are based on research at the Leiden train station.
Other partners implemented cycling activities at nursery and primary schools, such as workshops bicycle repairing, a bicycle marked and a bicycle fashion show.

Documentation, photos, works of art, audio books, a cycling calendar, evaluations and action plans can be downloaded for free at Trendy Travels website.

The STEER-programme of the Intelligent Energy Europe Agency (IEEA) aims for a decrease in damaging emissions by, among others, carrying out innovative pilot projects. Spreading ‘best practices’ is another aim of the STEER-programme. Trendy Travel was part of this STEER-Programme.

Client: European Commission

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