The European Commission has developed the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) to stimulate the use of new energy sources and the development of new energy saving methods. A part of the programme is STEER, which focuses on projects related to traffic and mobility. 

DTV Consultants was active in one of the STEER projects, named CONNECT. The aim of CONNECT was to increase the amount of sustainable movements to and from school for ground school children as well as high school children. Exchange of knowledge and experience between the participating countries was another important part of this project. The projectteam consisted of England, Belgium. Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands. CONNECT started in 2007 and continued until 2010. 

Encouraging school children, students and parents
The project contributed to the EU’s energy-related objectives and policies as well as the environmental and social policies set out in the EC’s Green Paper on Energy, the White Paper on transport and the greenhouse gas emission targets identified within the Kyoto Protocol. The project contributed to these goals by encouraging school children, students and their parents to use more sustainable modes when travelling to and from school.
The specific project objectives were to: (1) inform children, students and parents of the benefits of travelling to and from school using sustainable modes; (2) teach children to travel safely to school by increasing their knowledge and skills as well as increasing their visibility in the public domain; (3) encourage children, pupils and parents to travel to school using sustainable modes, hereby making use of local communities and authorities as promoters and champions of sustainable school travel behaviour through their role of monitoring the local implementation but also as a champion for other communities and authorities, hence ensuring long term follow-up and project validity 

The first phase of CONNECT consisted of transfering the ‘Trafficsnake’ ( to all 9 participating countries. This trafficsnake game has been applied in the Netherlands and Belgium extensively and Austria had already used it in some schools as well. The experience of, among others, DTV Consultants is used to successfully implement this traffcsnake in other countries. This was done, among others, by adjusting the game to the wishes and demands of schools in other countries and by educating trainers who conducted and implemented the traffic snake in their own country. 

Highschool projects
The second phase of CONNECT consisted of the development of a project for highschools, aiming that young people develop a campaign for their own target group with the themes ‘clean, healthy and safe’.

On February 1st, 2011, the European Commission made the following remark in a letter: “CONNECT has been an exemplary project. It was well managed and executed, exceeded nearly all its targets and, importantly, delivered attractive and high quality deliverables and effective campaigns. The project's achievements have quite rightly been recognised with the Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2009 in the category 'Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions'.”

Client: European Commission 

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CONNECT wins award

On February 10th 2009, CONNECT was awarded the Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Award in the category ‘Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions’. 
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