Planning and Design team

"Our team deals with all policy questions and advisory services relating to planning and design issues.” Paul van den Bosch introduces the Planning & Design (P&D) team. “Within this field, we focus on road safety, bicycle and pedestrian traffic, parking facilities and accessible public transport.” P&D works on comprehensive policy plans that deal with these themes: focusing on the improvement of air quality, for example, or an integrated traffic and transportation plan. But it also concentrates on concrete design issues, such as how to deal with agricultural vehicles on distributor roads. But whether developing an effective parking policy or studying traffic circulation in a holiday park, P&D always takes the same approach: the team makes an integrated assessment of the situation and works to involve all stakeholders in the process as far as possible. “Plans can only be implemented if there is sufficient support,” explains Paul, “so that’s why we prefer working towards solutions in partnership with the client and the stakeholders.”

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