Five teams working in line

DTV Consultants organised its activities in five distinct teams. The Office management team now supports the functional teams Research & Mobility, Planning & Design, Realisation & Maintenance and Coaching & Education. The same applies to the firm’s relationship with its clients as to the relationship between the teams themselves: they are partners in expertise and advice. DTV Consultants has been active on the European level for years.

There is a clear line running through the activities of the different teams. Bo Boormans, one of the two Managing Directors of DTV Consultants: "Research & Mobility deals with strategic mobility research: are there other ways to improve mobility? These studies need to form the basis for policy, which will ultimately lead to a design.” This section is the political route – the area handled by Planning & Design. “Once the politicians have reached a decision, Realisation & Maintenance comes into play. This team implements the developed policy. And once a project has been completed, Research & Mobility assesses whether it works properly. And if anything’s wrong, the policy has to be adjusted – which means it’s back to Planning & Design again, after which Realisation & Maintenance implements the change.” The team for International Projects closely cooperates with the other teams on all occurring projects with an international scope. These teams work closely with Coaching & Education – so that the knowledge can be incorporated in training courses or used to guide the process.

The team circle was designed to reflect the strong interrelationship between the teams (see figure). It clearly shows how all the teams operate in partnership and how the one cannot work effectively without the other. Furthermore, the functional teams very much depend on the support of the General Affairs team, which provides a ring of support around the team circle.

In Boormans’ experience, this team structure works well for the personnel: “As far as our growth as an organisation is concerned, our decision to start working in teams fits in well with the current state of affairs. This step has basically enabled us to follow a new avenue.”

The team leaders play an important role in this new approach. Each of the team leaders will provide a brief introduction to their team.
- Coaching & Education
- Office management
- Planning & Design
- Realisation & Maintenance
Research & Mobility

Five teams

Five teams