CONNECT wins prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2009

On February 10th, CONNECT was awarded the Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Award in the category 'Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions’. CONNECT is a project that aims at developing and disseminating excellent mobility management measures for young people. The ongoing project involves thousands of children in Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Italy.

CONNECT was awarded the Sustainable Energy Europe Award in the category ‘Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions’. CONNECT started from the view that talking about success and the different actions simply isn’t enough. Therefore, dissemination, implementation and learning by doing is the main drive within the project. The project contributes to the EU’s energy-related objectives and policies as well as the environmental and social policies and the greenhouse gas emission targets identified within the Kyoto Protocol. The project contributes to these goals by encouraging school children, students and their parents to use more sustainable modes when travelling to and from school.

Mobility campaigns
The jury praised CONNECT for setting up new mobility campaigns where pupils and students have a central and active role. The high replication factor allows a snowball effect: more and more schools and children participating in the project and its aim to increase sustainable transport modes. The jury also noted and appreciated the realization of a project consortium that showed a good balance over Europe with a prominent involvement of newer member states.

The project consortium is very pleased with this award. It is a wonderful token of appreciation and recognition, not only for the work of the project partners, but in the first place for all the children, young people, teachers, schools and local communities involved in this project. In 2008 no less than 15.854 children of 76 primary schools in 9 European countries participated in the project’s Traffic Snake Game campaign and realized an increase of 16% more sustainable trips and a maintenance of 11% more use of sustainable transport modes compared to before the action week!
This year thousands of children will again participate in the project, now also including secondary schools. Their campaign is called Eco-Trip.

Traffic Snake Game
The Traffic Snake Game has been applied extensively. The experience of, among others, DTV Consultants is used to successfully implement this game in other countries as well. This is done by adjusting the game to the wishes and demands of schools in other countries and by educating trainers who will conduct and implement the traffic snake in their own country.

SEE Award
The Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition is an integral part of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign and highlights the successes of the most outstanding and innovative programmes or actions. For this third round of the SEE Award Competition 251 candidates have been assessed by a technical committee according to set of predetermined evaluation criteria. This pre-selection process resulted in a short list of 25 nominees. An independent selection committee assessed the SEE Awards finalists and named the Award winners in each of the 5 categories. A hundred candidates registered for the category ‘Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions’, but in the end CONNECT received the price; a beautiful statue. The Awards Ceremony took place at the Albert Hall in Brussels.

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