Traffic Snake Game on the rise in the Netherlands

Great Traffic Snake news from the Netherlands. This spring, DTV Consultants was contracted by the Province of Utrecht to implement the Traffic Snake Game at 131 primary schools in the cities of Utrecht,  Amersfoort and Nieuwegein. The months May and June are used for recruitment: a large mailing was sent out recently and phone calls and personal visits are ongoing at this moment. All schools will play the Traffic Snake Game at the same time in September 2016. This means a big boost for the Dutch Traffic Snake!



Article Accident Analysis & Prevention

Publication in Accident Analysis and Prevention
Jan-Willem van der Pas and Bart Veroude have written with J. Kessels of Rijkswaterstaat Centre for Transport and Navigation/Safety and B. van Wee of Delft University of Technology Transport and Logistics department, a paper about the speed lock research. This paper "Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders: The results of the Dutch Speedlock trial" was published in Accident Analysis and Prevention. Click here to download the publication.

DTV Consultants coordinates EC funded Bike sharing project VeloCittà

In the next 3 years DTV Consultants participates in the European project VeloCittà in collaboration with 10 European partners. VeloCittà started in march 2014 and runs until February 2017 and is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe-programme STEER. One of the main goals of this project is to increase the number of people that use a (shared) bicycle.

VeloCittà brings together 5 existing urban Bike Sharing Systems (BSSs) that currently not meet up to the  ambitions that were set. Possible causes for this is the lack of sufficient active users, the chosen techniques or the used business case. The main purpose here is to identify and solve the responsible market- and organisational barriers.

With over 600 cities in 52 countries worldwide bikesharing has grown substantially over the last years. It is one of the quickest ways to realise sustainable transport in urban areas. Over the upcoming years these systems will contribute to a better efficiency of the transport and cycling infrastructure.

Within the VeloCittà project the 5 participating cities (Krakow, London, Szeged, Padua and Burgos) will initiate new marketing campaigns and develop a new approach to the organisational and financial aspect of the Bike Sharing Systems.

The main outcome of the project is to launch an online Workspace of Bike Sharing containing documents, best practices, campaign suggestions, contact form and several e-courses.


DTV Consultants is partner in the European ENDURANCE project (May 2013 - April 2016; STEER subsidy programme). No less than 30 project partners will build up 25 national networks and an overarching European network organisation on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans  (SUMPs). EPOMM is the coordinator of ENDURANCE, which will address 250 cities, offer training,  raise awareness and foster exchange.

DTV Consultants is the National Focal Point (NFP) for SUMPs in the Netherlands. The network will be developed into a forum for training, exchange, policy coordination, learning from each other and from experience in other countries. We will organise at least one national SUMP meeting per year, we aim to improve national legislation that supports SUMP and to become a permanent structure supporting SUMP development.  DTV is supported in this by KpVV, the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Traffic and Transport.

European STARS Project

DTV Consultants is task leader in the recently started European project STARS. STARS is short for Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools and gathers nine implementation partners around one common goal: to increase the number of pupils cycling to and from school, who would previously have been escorted by car.

Two main initiatives will be launched as part of the STARS project:
- The STARS Accreditation programme allows primary schools to work independently to deliver increased cycling levels. Schools can work their way up an awards scale from a bronze to a gold star accreditation, based on how much they are doing to promote cycling and walking and the mode shift they achieve.

- The second initiative is a network of Youth Travel Ambassador Schemes, which provides a set of tools and encourages secondary school students to increase cycling levels amongst their peers. They will be encouraged to devise their own campaigns to promote cycling, thereby using their own ideas and solutions to persuade their peers to adopt cycling and other sustainable modes. The Cycle Challenge, in which pupils cycle as much as possible for one month and record their kilometres online, is an important part of this.

DTV Consultants is task leader of the peer-to-peer initiative, the Youth Travel Ambassadors and the Cycle Challenge. In this role we help the 9 partner cities preparing and implementing their activities at secondary schools.

STARS started in the beginning of 2013 and continues until March 2016. It is supported bij the Intelligent Energy Europe programme STEER. Cities where STARS will be implemented are: Edinburgh, London (Hackney), Madrid, Milan, Bielefeld, Province of Noord Brabant, Budapest, Krakow, Brussels.

The aim is that at the end of STARS at least 180 primary schools have reached the minimum accreditation level  and at least 90 secondary schools have implemented peer-to-peer projects via the Youth Travel Ambassadors and participated in the Cycle Challenge.

CiViTAS MiMOSA project recently came to an end

After four years, the European CiViTAS MiMOSA project recently came to an end. Throughout this period, the Dutch city of Utrecht was intensively supported by DTV Consultants. Utrecht and its partner cities Gdansk, Funchal, Tallinn and Bologna implemented and evaluated more than 70 sustainable mobility measures over the past years, for which they received significant European subsidies. DTV Consultants helped Utrecht land this subsidy and helped with the subsequent negotiations with the European Commission (EC).

In Utrecht, sustainable freight transport measures were one of the focal points: the electric Cargohopper and Beerboat turned out to be international success stories. Other successful projects were for exmaple the setting up of a uniform Road Safetly Label for schools in Utrecht, the implementation of digital parking as well as parking by mobile phone in the centre, and the Utrecht Accessible Public Transport Pass that managed to get car drivers out of their cars and into the bus during rush hours. Other projects within CiViTAS MIMOSA were a new certification system for taxis, campaigns to make Park&Rides more attractive and the improvement of bicycle parking facilities.

DTV Consultants intensively advised Utrecht throughout the project about, for example, the contact with the EC and how to deal with European subsidies and internal administration. DTV also made all the (half)yearly progress reports of all 18 measures in Utrechts, contributed to the process/impact evaluation reports and supported Utrecht during the European project meetings.

If your municipality considers participating in a EU funded project related to sustainable mobility and you would like advice on how to write a winning proposal, or you can use some help during the contract negotiations, the implemtation or the evaluation phase: please contact us.

Accessibility, sustainability and burning calories

Encouraging commuters to leave their cars and go green is not exactly child's play. So why not make a game of it?

'Traffic congestion is costly and a huge challenge for governments and companies alike,' says Sander Buningh, a consultant at DTV Consultants. 'But a tool to organise and improve the way we commute can bring a lot of benefits for individual travellers, companies and society at large.' Read more on:,-sustainability-and-burning-calories