Coaching and Education team

The Coaching & Education team fulfils a key role within the organisation of DTV Consultants. The team circle also reflects the entire field of traffic engineering with its various disciplines – a field in which we aim to play a central role in the area of knowledge exchange. The dynamic nature of this profession requires people to keep learning new things. As a team, we respond to this need. “We analyse the various knowledge requirements and develop customised education or training programmes based on our findings,” explains team leader Marjolein van de Nadort. “Of course, they can also attend one of our courses or follow a programme at the NOVI Traffic Academy. In addition, we regularly facilitate group and plan development processes in collaboration with the other teams.” C&E is spending more and more time on reporting procedures and writing copy for brochures and websites. The team explicitly explores the boundaries of the traffic engineering sector. “We train people who will be starting work as traffic engineers, but we also train people who are active in the wider traffic engineering sphere, like police officers, road inspectors, politicians and ANWB staff.”

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